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Jeannie Mahood and Joan Payton
at the Fall 2009 Certified Zentangle Teacher Training

Welcome to my web site!

Please read on to learn more about Zentangle and Proverbial Doll workshops...

Zentangle is a beautiful art form using repeating patterns that anyone can create!  Using the finest archival materials and following a simple set of steps, participants in a Zentangle workshop will be able to achieve a state of relaxed focus and will learn that anything is possible, one line at a time!  Zentangle can be learned by children, adults, and especially those who consider themselves "non-artists."  

Proverbial Dolls are so much fun to create! Each doll contains a proverb, prayer or affirmation.

The central tile is my first Zentangle!



Jeannie Mahood
Atlanta, Georgia

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